They all have two pairs of wings - the forewings are membranous, as with many other flying insects, but the hind wings have evolved to become small, club-like structures called halteres, which act as stabilisers during flight. Flies have large compound eyes and rather short, simple antennae. They vary in shape, size and colour depending on the species.

Why is it considered a pest?

Of the thousands of species of flies, only a few are common pests in and around the home. These pests breed in animal waste and foods from which they can pick up bacteria and viruses that could possibly cause human disease. They can breed in bins and food left out. They can also be considered a nuisance for the consistent pestering they give to humans.

Where can it be found in Australia?

Flies can be found in every part of Australia.

Where it’s usually found in the home?

They are found both inside and outside the home in large numbers. Reproduction can occur in common household bins, outside bins and food.

Typical signs of infestation?

Sightings of maggots and large numbers of flies in the house after keeping doors and windows closed.

Common types of Flies?

  • Blow Fly
  • House Fly
  • Horse Fly